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Hello Enes, Tremont, and Carsen,

I couldn’t really explain who we are to you with the limited description on Cameo, so I created this webpage to give you guys some more background information needed to hopefully provide an amazing message to our students for our program commencement on August 9th.

My name is Alix Holder and I am a co-founder for the non-profit organization S.T.E.A.M Ahead.  This summer we are providing a free 5-week S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) program to 4th and 5th grade BPS (Boston Public School) students, who come from all throughout the city of Boston.  Our program is held at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA) and for this Cameo, we would like for you to congratulate our students for completing our program - The 2019 STEAM Ahead: Summer Learning Academy.

This is our second year providing this free summer program to our BPS students at MIT.  Over the course of the 5-week program, our students learned how to code, create their own video games, worked on science and engineering projects and a lot more.  Throughout our program, we brought in several guest speakers to come and talk to our students about their career paths and the positive decisions that they’ve made in their lives that led them to being successful.  We also took our students on several field trips, we’ve gone to Fenway Park, the Museum of Science, MIT’s Chemical Labs and to Google (in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA). The purpose of this program is to expose our students to as many aspects of S.T.E.A.M as possible, with the hope that we are creating impactful experiences that will motivate them to continue learning beyond their time in our program.

This program is funded completely by grants and sponsored donations.  For this year, our program experience several problems with our grant funding and we were at high risk of not being able to provide the program at all.  But through the generosity of some of our program’s partners and participating families, we were able to come together and provide the additional support needed to run the program this year.  With that said, for example, we were not able to provide a bus for our students this year and many of our families had to dedicate and sacrifice a lot of time and energy to ensure that their children got to our program each day.  

All of our students are from Boston and are big Celtics fans.  Getting a shoutout from you will mean the world to them! 

Thank you in advance for this, on the behalf of our STEAM Ahead organization, we truly appreciate you providing this message.  We will show your video during our program commencement on Friday August 9, 2019 and this will be a surprise to everyone - all of our students, families, staff and partners.  For this video we are reaching our to Enes (Karter), Tremont (Waters) and Carsen (Edwards) - if you know of any other Celtics who would be interested in providing a message to our group, please pull them in!

And thank you again!

S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: 2019 Summer Learning Academy